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Workshop “Chagas : Raising awareness”

 ”Chagas: Raising awareness”

On April 29, “Iniciar for Global Action” will host an interdisciplinary event at USAL campus in Pilar aiming at
raising consciousness in society as well as training and inviting everyone to reflect on the Chagas disease
as being not only an ailment but also a social concern.

More than 450 people representing the public and private sectors and civil associations, together with
150 students from schools within the Municipality of Pilar will attend this event organized jointly with
Manlab, Chagas Disease Alliace/Todos Frente al Chagas, the Chief of the Executive Cabinet of the
Province of Buenos Aires and the Municipality of Pilar.

This event comprises two programs: the General Program and the Program for Teenagers-Schools

from Pilar.

The first program includes five activities aimed at updating and meditating, which will count with the
participation of: Dr. Anneca (Studies Director, District of Pilar, Universidad del Salvador), Dr. Alejandro
Colia (Minister of Health, Government of the Province of Buenos Aires), Humberto Zuccaro (Mayor of
Pilar), Dr. Dorothy –Debbie– S. Indyk (Ph.D., Associate Professor Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Mount
Sinai Medical Center, NY, USA), Dr. Marite Garimaldi (MANLAB), Cecilia Centurión (Todos Frente al
Chagas), Vera Nazarian (INICIAR for Global Action Foundation), Dr. Sergio Sosa Stani (National
Administration of Laboratories and Institutes) and Marcelo López (Executive Cabinet of the Province of
Buenos Aires).

In the second program (Program for Teenagers-Schools from Pilar), students will engage in educative
and artistic activities guided by Dr. Mariana Sanmartino and her Sciences Didactic Group team (IFLYSIB,
UNLP-CONICET). Students will also participate in other educative and artistic workshops related to the
Chagas disease together with famous narrator Gabriela Lubarsky.

For registrations, please visit INICIAR web site  or MANLAB web site.

Registration for this event is free of charge.


Information on Chagas disease

It has been historically considered that the Chagas disease is an ailment afflicting exclusively people
living on the poverty line. However, it is more than a disease: it is a complex social concern. In the last
few years, cases involving this disease have been detected in the urban areas of great cities from 17
endemic and developed countries, thus raising alert and catching the attention it could never catch
before. Due to migrations, this disease has spread from endemic areas to non-endemic areas.

Chagas disease by the numbers.*

28,000,000 people in Latin America face risk for infection.
15,000,000 people worldwide are infected.
41,200 new cases of this disease appear every year (including every form of transmission)
12.500 people die from Chagas disease every year.
21 countries in America are being struck by this pathology (although migrations may spread the Chagas
disease throughout non-endemic countries in America and the rest of the world).
*Source: World Health Organization (WHO)(2007). Report on Chagas disease. Group for scientific work.

Iniciar for Global Action
Iniciar for Global Action Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in the United States of
America in 2011 and established in Argentina by mid-2012. It is currently working globally and in an
interdisciplinary way, and its main goal is to follow up on different social concerns by fostering
sustainable changes and developments for vulnerable communities. The Foundation’s work is based on
the guidelines of health, education, human rights and environmental rights.
The Foundation has decided to continue in 2013 with the same goal established in 2012: to promote
projects and development plans against the Chagas disease, which is currently afflicting Latin America
and, in particular, its most vulnerable communities.

Event Information:
“Chagas: Awereness for everybody”
Date: Monday, April 29.
Place: Campus Nuestra Señora del Pilar – Universidad del Salvador. Champagnat 1599 – Ruta
Panamericana, Ramal Pilar Km 54.
Time: from 8.30am to 3.30pm
Contact information:
Margaux Reams
Ph: +54 011 15 3951 2927

Vera Nazarian
Iniciar for Global Action’s Founder and CEO

Our pro bono community:
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