Programs We Fund

Social programs that develop holistic and sustainable modes, empower vulnerable community members and lead them toward a dignified life. At the Foundation we consider a development to be sustainable when it also benefits the next generation. In advancing transparency and accountability, monitoring and evaluations of grants will be posted regularly on line.

Applications for Grants .

We are making grants to non-profit organisations that are focused on vulnerable communities that lack access to Safe Water and Sanitation. The Human Right to Access to Water and Sanitation is directly related with our environment, our water sources, as well as hygiene and the right to a dignified life. To ensure the correct use of the grant funds and our commitment to transparency and accountability, the Foundation will invite third parties to monitor all grants. Grantees are required to submit financial and narrative reports. A letter establishing conditions is required to be signed by grantees. Potential grantees will be contacted upon receipt of grant note.

  1. Click here to download the application form.
  2. Save it in your computer.
  3. Fill it in.
  4. Save it in your computer again (Press the “save” button).
  5. Send it with all other required and additional information to

Our Four Pillars: Health; Education; Human Rights; Environment

What we do not grant
We do not grant to individuals, or for profit institutions.

Our pro bono community:
2011-12-21 Thank you Eugenia Akopian (Lic. Cs. de la Comunicación); Marcela Barbagallo (Lic. en Relaciones Públicas); Konstantinos Bastas; Gabriela Christin (Prof. Educ. Física); June Cohen, Ph.D.; Sofía Delger (abogada); Madelaine Ekserciyan (estudiante de Diseño de Indumentaria); Verónica Espindola; Eugenia Fallone (Diseñadora industrial); Amanda Forment (estudiante de Historia); Alexis Halberian (abogado); Sol Lago, Ph.D. Student; Ruben Mirakyan, Ph.D.; Cecilia Rizzardi (periodista); Andrea Vaccarezza (Lic. Cs. de la Comunicación); Alexandra Vartparonian (Lic. Relaciones Internacionales); Catalina Kiprislian (diseñadora gráfica); Emily PRIM (estudiante avanzada de administracion de empresas); Candela CAVALLERO (estudiante); Josefina BOCCHINO (estudiante); Gabriela CHRISTIN (estudiante); Denise CORRALES (estudiante); Daiana BRESCASIN(estudiante); Martina TAGLE (estudiante); Dimas Gaviña (abogado)
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