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2017 Annual Letter from the Founder

Dear All,
With 2017 behind us, this being quite a special year for all, and a 2018 in progress, we are facing an accelerated universe where optimism and resistance are enmeshed in the advancements that would normalize our lives.

As always, I want to share with you a summary of Iniciar for Global Action Foundation’s annual activities that are made possible thanks to you generous contribution.

With great admiration for the progress made in recent years, we continued our support to the nonprofit “Asociación Civil La Higuera,” dedicated to rural pediatric healthcare in remote areas such as Paraje Las Hacheras, located in the “Impenetrable Chaqueño.”

The center trains health care professionals and is chaired by Dr. Gustavo Farrugia, who is dedicated to fighting Chagas Disease with a holistic approach. Paraje Las Hacheras leads rural communities to greater development and a dignified life by converging health care with education, nutrition, access to water, healthcare centers and medical training.

To name a few of Dr. Gustavo Farrugia’s achievements;

  • Project P.A.I.C.R.A. (Itinerant Ambulatory Pediatrics for Rural and Isolated Communities)
  • Community Workshops at Las Hacheras in Sex Education, Healthy Eating, School Support, Games and Music
  • Co-operative Las Hacheras: A social and productive development project that will enable youth and families to establish in the “Impenetrable” and not migrate in search of work to the cities, contributing the sustainable use of local resources including the production of organic honey
  • Construction of the Maternal-Child Center

Our contribution to “La Higuera Ong” went toward the installations of running water and the construction of a unit at the medical center in Paraje Las Hacheras. The unit teaches preventive medicine, offers and follow-ups to children and adults infected with Chagas disease. They have also conducted an epidemiological survey of the area.

We have moved forward with last year’s proposal in Salta Province, Argentina, having obtained mappings of the vulnerable communities settlements in the Rivadavia region, which is located in the northwest of Salta’s “Impenetrable Chaco-Salteño.” We will continue to learn their concerns and their daily challenges with nature.
We are also forming strategic alliances with other institutions, which will provide the necessary tools to enable the communities to achieve sustainable developments. This year, one of the projects we are advancing is to beat desertification by assisting with reforestation of the fields.

In August, within the health framework of our four pillars, we presented a Conversation Cycle on ‘Current Issues on Chagas Disease.’ Such conversations were led by distinguished professionals from renowned institutions such as the “Associación Carlos Chagas,” the “Instituto Fatala Chaben,” the NGO Todos Frente al Chagas/Chagas Disease Alliance and the “Foro Iberoamericano de Arritmias en Internet” (FIAI).
Entirely a virtual event and free of charge, the event prompted responsible commitments in current issues of the Chagas problem which we must reflect in order to expand and provide accurate and reliable answers.

Thereafter, toward the end of October, and a year since the 2º International Symposium “Water is Life, Save it,” the artistic production “Thanks for the Water,” produced at the Cantegril Center of Punta del Este by students from Maldonado, Uruguay, and the plastic artist Patricia Gil Villalobos was delivered to the Director-General for Culture of Maldonado, Professor Jorge Céspedes.

Finally, in closing the year, the United Nations unanimously designated 12 December, as the International Universal Health Coverage Day. In commemoration of the International Universal Health Coverage Day, endorsed by Argentina, and within the framework of the United Nations we have jointly made with the Universal Coverage Health Coalition, the Association Médica Argentina (AMA), the Centro de Estudios para el Desarrollo de la Industria Químico-Farmacéutica Argentina (CEDIQUIFA), the Comité Argentino de Educación para la Salud de la Población (CAESPO) y Todos Frente al Chagas/Chagas Disease Alliance the 1st. Meeting “Health for All;” this being the first of several in the following years. Thereafter, the law Nº 5-4628/17 was drafted designating 12 December National Day of the International Universal Health Coverage in Argentina.

Our work is ongoing, facing challenges to improve the wellbeing of others.
While Iniciar for Global Action Foundation USA continues with the pillars of Health, Education, Environment and Human Rights at a global level, for personal reasons I have decided to discontinue the Argentine representation of the Foundation. However, our support will continue in the region.
We thank all who during our presence collaborated and made possible the work of the Foundation in Argentina.

Once again, I invite you to reflect on human dignity, mutual respect among communities and respect for nature.
We are only a bridge between you and the community at risk.

I thank you all for your support and I hope you will continue to support Iniciar though 2018.

Vera Nazarian

Our pro bono community:
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