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Who We Are

About Iniciar for Global Action

We are a global Foundation that works with interdisciplinary professionals with the goal of achieving changes and sustainable developments in vulnerable communities. We achieve this through networking, sensitizing, raising awareness and distributing grants. The guiding pillars at Iniciar for Global Action are health; education; women; children; environment; migration; housing and microfinancing.


To advocate, promote and support interdisciplinary partnerships at local, regional and global communities in order to promote long lasting reforms and sustainable developments.


  • To build solid information Bridges across industries, academia, social networks, civil society and the private sector – for the promotion and development of underserved communities
  • To holistically engage diverse civil society programs to promote sustainable community plans of action
  • To promote and enhance a dynamic dialogue rooted in respectful media communications and social responsibility
  • To bring together a diverse array of experts for the design of roadmaps in support of sustainable development
  • To engage the population at large, especially the youth, in proactively participating for the wellbeing of their communities
  • To promote and build capacity – not dependency – in the communities that we serve


  • We sensitize the population on their rights
  • We raise awareness of critical issues in their communities
  • We build Bridges across sectors and disciplines
  • We create events to attract men and women of diverse life experiences to challenge the status quo and become agents of change
  • We invite the community at large to interact and proactively contribute their voices and expertise on our dynamic website forum
  • We encourage scholars to post their academic papers on our website for the dissemination of critical information
  • We invite NGOs to present actionable and sustainable grant proposals for consideration
  • We promote excellence and dignity throughout all our work

Our Pro-Bono Professional’s Impact (Only in Spanish)

Our pro bono community:
2011-12-21 Thank you Eugenia Akopian (Lic. Cs. de la Comunicación); Marcela Barbagallo (Lic. en Relaciones Públicas); Konstantinos Bastas; Gabriela Christin (Prof. Educ. Física); June Cohen, Ph.D.; Sofía Delger (abogada); Madelaine Ekserciyan (estudiante de Diseño de Indumentaria); Verónica Espindola; Eugenia Fallone (Diseñadora industrial); Amanda Forment (estudiante de Historia); Alexis Halberian (abogado); Sol Lago, Ph.D. Student; Ruben Mirakyan, Ph.D.; Cecilia Rizzardi (periodista); Andrea Vaccarezza (Lic. Cs. de la Comunicación); Alexandra Vartparonian (Lic. Relaciones Internacionales); Catalina Kiprislian (diseñadora gráfica); Emily PRIM (estudiante avanzada de administracion de empresas); Candela CAVALLERO (estudiante); Josefina BOCCHINO (estudiante); Gabriela CHRISTIN (estudiante); Denise CORRALES (estudiante); Daiana BRESCASIN(estudiante); Martina TAGLE (estudiante); Dimas Gaviña (abogado)
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