Iniciar for Global Action held its 2nd International Symposium, “Water is Life, Save it” in Punta del Este, Maldonado, Uruguay


On October 25 and 26 2016 Iniciar for Global Action held its 2nd International Symposium, “Water is Life, Save it” in Punta del Este, Maldonado, Uruguay, at the Centro Universitario Regional del Este (CURE) and at the Cantegril Theater.

At the CURE, scholars and experts from Uruguay and the region participated as panelists in round table discussions.

At the Cantegril Theatre, visiting scientists explained to students from local schools how they practice their work. work was carried out. They also held discussions on documentaries that were screened. In addition, the children participated in artistic activities with interactive storytelling and creative spaces.

The Symposium also included training workshops for teachers and scholars on water issues, which took place in partnership with the UNESCO and “Planeta Azul y Agua y Educación.” The training further enhanced their awareness on water conservation and the environment, coastal zones and their biodiversity.

We encourage you to visit the event’s web site,, to see in detail the activities that took place.
Moving forward with our vision to promote expertise, bridge interdisciplinary fields holistically and generate long term sustainable development changes, we incorporated 7 of the 17 goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a universal framework that not many in our global communities are yet aware.
The key water issues emphasized at the Symposium covered wetlands, seas, oceans and coastlines, urban and rural areas, the right to water and sanitation and challenges facing the wellbeing of the community, education, health and sanitation, forests and on a myriad of other relevant drivers that clearly say “Water is Life: Save it.”

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